Ditre Italia collections dedicated to the living area. A way to discover a new concept of enjoying spaces in the home. Complementary furnishings with sophisticated design and elegant finishes are part of a collective composition, where single elements are not the protagonist but the context itself.

Arranging a piece of furniture is a matter of balance and proportion, offset by the wonder of nature’s offerings. We are spectators standing before a finished set. We can only add what we must.

Ditre Italia design is created to make the most intimate and personal spaces unique. The spaces in the night area also become part of an integrated project. Choosing Ditre Italia means cultivating a philosophy of the living space, where meticulously tailored products and a unique style, which only comes from timeless elegance, are closely linked

Our idea of outdoor is about integrating products that align with our vision of inhabiting spaces. This is why, in creating a bridge between the indoors and outdoors, aesthetically speaking, we have been able to preserve our ambition of incorporating elements that represent Italian artistic, architectural and fashion history into all our products.